Youth Camps and Retreat Centers in Alaska

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Alaska, nicknamed “The Last Frontier” is home to a vast array of natural beauty and unique wonders. Spread over a wide expanse of land, Alaska boasts a diverse landscape of majestic mountains and desolate tundra, glacial plains and verdant woodlands.

Best Camps Retreats in Alaska

The variety in its regions makes Alaska home to a wide range of wildlife. Many unique species of bears, eagles and whales can be found in the state. The enormous landmass is filled with unlimited opportunities for wild adventure and outdoor recreation.

Some points of interest for Christian retreat groups are as follows:

Denali National Park– Home to North America’s tallest peak, Denali is a great place to take in the awesome beauty of God’s creation.

Various Chapels and Cathedrals- Alaska is home to numerous historic places of worship such as St Michael’s Cathedral in Sitka, Alaska, St. Nicholas Chapel in Kenai and St. Herman’s Chapel in Kodiak Island.

Northern Lights- The region of Alaska above the Arctic Circle is the prime place to view the natural light show of Aurora Borealis.

Whale Watching- There are plenty of tours available in Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway in order to catch a glimpse of some magnificent humpback whales.

Alaska is a diverse state both in topography and climate making it a great place for youth camps and adult retreats. The mountains of pristine snow make it attractive to those seeking out winter outdoor adventures. The milder summer months make it a wonderful choice for hiking, fishing and camping.

These are the best youth camps and Christian retreat facilities in Alaska:

Bingle Camp at Harding Lake
Address: 10810 Salcha Dr. Salcha, Alaska 99714
Phone Number: (907) 479-0562
Website: Link

Camp Li-Wa
Address: 590 Wigwam Way, Fairbanks, AK 99712
Phone Number: (907) 457-6059
Website: Link

Camp Maranatha
Address: 19780 West Camp Drive Big Lake, Alaska 99652
Phone Number: (907) 892-6697
Website: Link

Echo Ranch Bible Camp
Address: P.O. Box 210608 Auke Bay, Alaska 99821
Phone Number: (907) 789-3777
Website: Link

Globe Creek Camp
Address: 1141 Acorn Circle North Pole, Alaska 99705
Phone Number: (907) 488-0671
Website: Link

KAKO Retreat Center
Address: Mile 6 Kako Road Russian Mission, Alaska 99657-0029
Phone Number: (907) 584-5695
Website: Link

Solid Rock Bible Camp
Address: 36251 Solid Rock Rd #1 Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Phone Number: (907) 262-4741
Website: Link

Tanalian Bible Camp
Address: 101 Church Drive Port Alsworth, Alaska 99653-9999
Phone Number: (907) 781-2226
Website: Link

Victory Bible Camp
Address: 64741 S Victory Road Sutton, Alaska 99674-8205
Phone Number: (907) 745-4203
Website: Link

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