15 Fun Flashlight Games for Your Next Nighttime Activity

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Are you tired of the same old nighttime flashlight games? Are you looking for something truly unique for your next event? Then, get creative by incorporating one of these fun flashlight games.

Flashlights are a necessity for any camper and are affordable enough that anyone can buy one to partake in some nighttime fun.

15 Fun Flashlight Games

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Flashlight Freeze

Breakout your goofiest dancing skills in this game! Get moving and grooving to the music, but as soon as the flashlight beam hits you or your group you freeze in place. If you move, you’re out.

Flashlight Hide-and-Seek

This is a great game if you only have one flashlight. All the typical hide and seek rules apply, but this time all the lights are out and the seeker uses a flashlight to navigate the area.

Try to find as many people as you can within a set time. Whoever finds the most people after a few rounds wins.

Night Time Hide-and-Seek (alternative)

Similar to the flashlight game above, but with one important change. As the seeker finds someone they become “it” and receives a flashlight to start looking for others.

Flashlight Limbo

You will need 2 flashlights with highly focused beans for this one. Two people stand facing each other with their flashlights aimed at each other to create a beam. Others try to “limbo” under the beam. How low can you go?

Night Time Reflector Hunt

Think of an Easter egg hunt but way more fun! Buy some cheap reflectors from Amazon or at your local hardware store and glue them to index cards with a hole punched in them.

Hang them on outside in various places. Separate the players into teams and let them go searching for them. Whoever finds the most, wins! This works best for wooded areas but can be adapted to almost any environment.

Catch the Firefly

One person who is the firefly takes a small pin style flashlight (preferred) goes into the dark while the others wait. The firefly counts to 30 then will flash the light once.

He/she is constantly moving to avoid being captured by the others. Whoever captures the firefly wins.

Shadow Puppet Show

Divide the youth into groups. Have them come up with a puppet show or skit using only a flashlight and their shadows.

Living in the Spotlight

This is one of my favorite flashlight games when used as an introduction game or just to be silly. Everyone stands in a circle in the dark. Each person can have a flashlight or one person in the middle can be the pointer.

When the spotlight is on you, you must tell a joke, sing, dance, answer a question, etc. Another way to play is to start a story, when the spotlight is on you start a story.

When the spotlight is on the next random person, they must continue making up and telling the story. Have someone record the story then read it out loud the next day.

Silhouette Drawings

Each person in the group takes a turn standing in front of a bright led flashlight. The others in the group draw their silhouette and name it. This is a great alternative to a group picture.

Morse Code Cracking

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? This is a great game to use to find a door prize! Print Morse Code charts and pass them out.

Have the spies look into a field or out the window for the code. Someone else hides a prize in advance and then flashes Morse Code to the group with a hint to where it is located. Whoever decrypts the message and finds the prize gets it.

Flashlight Messages

Using black construction paper and a small pin, punch holes to form a message. Shine the flashlight through the holes in the paper to show the message on the wall.

Have fun figuring out what each person wrote and replying back to their messages. Tip: Space the letters out far enough on the paper so they don’t overlap on the flashlight head.

Flashlight Treasure Hunt

Similar to the reflector hunt flashlight game above, this is perfect for close quarters. Hide real coins or fun treasure coins around a room(s). With the lights out and only using flashlights, hunt to find the treasure! Whoever finds the most wins.

A Thief in the Dark

Place a large group of different items in a light or around a very specific location. With the lights out or outside during nighttime, give the group a few moments to look over and study the objects.

Have them turn off all their flashlights. Then, the game master removes one object. Have the group turn their lights back on to determine which item is now missing. This is best played with 20 or more items.

Something is Different

Like the thief game above, but without removing an object. This time the game master simply changes an object or scene slightly in the dark. Once the groups receive the signal to turn their flashlights back on, they try to discover what is different.

Do the Flashlight Shuffle

You need a lot of space for this game and a good focusing led flashlight. Using a field of gym floor having one person with the flashlight stand above everyone else and shine the circle on the floor. The first 5, 10, or 15 people to enter the circle formed on the floor wins the round. Keep doing it until there is only one person left.

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15 fun flashlight games for your next nighttime activity

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