5 Introduction Games To Use At Your Next Christian Camp or Retreat

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I’m sure as a Christian camp coordinator you are interested in the youth at your camp feeling welcomed and comfortable during their first day. Teenagers can easily feel a bit anxious being away from home and around a big group of peers, so it is a great idea to have an introduction game on hand so the teens can be introduced to each other in a fun way.

Introduction games make people feel less apprehensive, and allow people to get to know each other right away at your camp or retreat, which oftentimes begins a long lasting friendship.

5 Introduction Games To Use At Your Next Christian Camp or Retreat
Although this article is written for youth camp introduction games, these icebreakers can very easily be used for your adult retreat too!  I played the Paper Toss Introduction Game at a pastor’s retreat, and it was hilarious.

Here are 5 popular introduction games that you can utilize on your first day of youth camp:

1. Paper Toss Introduction Game (my personal favorite)

Paper Toss Introduction Game

In this game, you will give each person a piece of paper and have them write down one question about anything. Encourage the participants to write a question that is lighthearted.

Once everyone has written their question, have them crumple up their paper into a ball. Count to three and then have everyone throw their paper ball to one spot in the room or at a designated person, such as a leader.

Then, one at a time, have each person go up and choose a paper ball, open it up, read the question out loud, and answer it. The group will get a kick out of this game.

Example questions include: What is your funniest memory? Who is your funniest relative and why? What do you like to do on weekends? What are your hobbies? What is your favorite movie?

2. Never Have I Ever

never have i ever

For this introduction game, have the youth sit in a circle. Each player takes turns standing up and saying something that they have never done. They begin by saying, “Never have I ever…”

Each person holds up all ten fingers and if the teenager has done what the person standing says he or she hasn’t done, they have to put down one finger. The goal is to keep your fingers up and the last person to have a finger up wins.

3. Lost On A Deserted Island

Lost On A Deserted Island

For this introduction game, you tell the youth to pretend that they are stranded on a deserted island. Ask them if they could bring one item what that item would be and why they would bring it.

After every person has shared what they would bring, divide them into groups and have them plan how they would survive using the items that they would bring. Feel free to give an award to the most creative group.

4. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths And A Lie

If you have a smaller group, this introduction game works well. Have each participant tell three things about themselves, but one thing has to be a lie.

The youth group has to try and guess which statement is the lie. This game can provide a lot of laughs, especially if the players use creativity in their statements.

5. Shoe Talk

shoe talk

For this introduction game, split into two teams. Have each person take off one shoe and make a big pile of shoes for their team, There should be two piles of shoes. Have the teens form a line and yell, “Go!”

One person from each team must go to the opposite team’s pile of shoes and pick one shoe out. He must go find the person wearing the other shoe and ask him or her one question to get better acquainted.

After giving back the shoe, he must go tag the next person on his team and they run and do the same thing. The first team to return all of the shoes wins the game.

These introductory games are great ways for the youth to get acquainted with each other at a Christian camp and have fun while doing it. Starting your event off on the right foot is essential.

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