4 Games to Be Played In A Circle, Not A Square!

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circle games

Circle games are a great way to get everyone involved by forming a large circle in which everyone gets to participate. Circles are universal symbols of union and community, so it’s a natural way to incorporate team building with fun game time. Zoo Animal Alphabet, Flirty Assassin, and Bunny Hunt, are just a few of the great games that can be played in a circle. Everyone can easily talk to and see each other, making it a great way to bond with the other participants. Here are some of the 4 best circle games ever:

Zoo Animal Alphabet

In this game, everyone sits in a circle, and the leader begins by shouting out an animal that starts with “A”. This goes around the circle while everyone says the name of an animal that starts with the next letter (ex. B for bat, C for cat). Continue to go around the circle until you run out of animal names for all the letters in the alphabet. Mark down how many times you could find animals for the all of the letters in the alphabet.

Flirty Assassin

This game is best played with groups of 6 to 10 people. Everyone will begin by sitting cross legged with their heads down. One person would walk outside of the circle and choose to tap only one person on the head. The person chosen is the assassin. The assassin winks at other team members in order to eliminate them; and they are then supposed to count to 10 seconds in their head before putting their feet inside the circle. No one will know who the assassin is until they get winked at. If someone else sees the assassin wink at another team member, they can declare that they know who the assassin is, and the game starts again. If the person guesses wrong, they are out.

Bunny Hunt

In this fun circle game, there is a small ball that is named “the bunny”, and begins moving around the circle by the participants who pass it to the next person. A large ball known as “the farmer” gets introduced into the circle and goes in the same direction as the bunny. The bunny can only continue to move in one direction until the farmer moves, while the farmer can go in any direction to catch the bunny.

Blind Bell

In this game the players sit around in a circle, and one player is picked as the “Blind Cow” and has to play their whole turn while blindfolded. The “blind cow” will be made to spin around, and then they will stand in the center of the circle. Someone then walks around the circle with a bell in their hand and will ring it as they walk around the circle. When the bell stops ringing, the cow has to guess, by the sound of where the bell stopped, who is holding it. The “blind cow” will now point in the person’s direction. If they guess wrong, the bell ringer has to go around again. If they guess right, a new cow gets chosen.  We need more cow bell!