Do You Trust Me? 4 Trust Building Activities

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Trust building activities are a great way to build trust between people that have just met, and get them to form a bond, loosen up and have fun. These activities are best done after initial icebreakers to get the participants to trust each other and feel comfortable during the games.

trust building activities

Rush Hour Traffic

In this game, each individual partners with another. One individual in every pair is blindfolded and acts like a car. The blindfolded participants raise their hands in front of their shoulders that act as bumpers; their hands are adjacent to each other with their thumbs nearly touching.

The other person in every pair acts as “the driver”, steering the “car” by directing them with their shoulders. The facilitator plays the part of the policeman calling for traffic directives (red light, green light, slow for school area, etc.).

The game can be very creative as obstacles and stages can be added (such as traffic cones) giving the players more of a challenge! In these cases, “beeping” is encouraged.

Frisbee Golf

For those that enjoy both ultimate Frisbee and Golf, this game is sure to please. The rules are as simple as regular golf; there are a set number of holes, and the objective is to get the Frisbee on the hole.

Holes can be anything from an actual hole to various items like trees, cones or baskets (most common). Each throw is counted as a stroke, and the desired number of strikes should be determined for every hole.

The variation of this camp game that works as a trust-building activity divides the players into pairs in which one of the persons is blindfolded and the other has to help them score a hole, creating trust between the two partners!

Additionally, each team member can rotate turns throwing the disc.  Buy cheap discs here.

Trust Tube

This large group game is for large groups of 10 – 20 participants. It begins with the participants being divided into two groups with an even number.

One group stands on one line and the other group stands to face them on a parallel line six feet away. Once that happens, everyone puts their hands up to form a safety net.

Two players are selected to carry out different roles. One acts as a stopper, standing at an end of the tube with their arms outstretched. The other is a runner, who gets blindfolded (or has their eyes closed) and attempts to make it to the other side of the tube.

The stopper standing at the end of the tube catches the runner if they make it. The people in the tube must gently push the person towards the center if they stray from the center.

Trust Walk

Trust walks is a very simple and fun trust building game with blindfolds. It starts with splitting pairs. In every pair, one partner is blindfolded while the other is not.

The one that is not blind must lead the blindfolded person through an obstacle course (natural or man-made). The guide cannot touch the blindfolded partner as they move along.

To make it even more fun, you can have a group of people lead one person through an obstacle course!