25 EASY Christian Crafts for Kids of All Ages

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It’s always easier to hold a child’s attention when you get them involved. When it comes to the Bible and Christianity, there is no difference.

Here are 25 meaningful and fun Bible crafts for kids that can be done by children of different ages. Some of these Christian crafts are more suited to a particular age group, so you can choose the ones you think will work best for your needs.

Whether you are teaching Sunday school, a babysitter, a childcare worker, or at Bible study, you will find some interesting Christian crafts for kids below to help you plan for your classes.

Use these Christian Crafts for Kids to teach your child the truth of God’s Word

christian crafts for kids

Bible Craft Item Recommendation

Before starting any crafting project, you want to make sure you have all the items on hand. By far, the EASIEST thing to do is purchase a crafting kit that includes various items of all times. Here are the three best crafting kits that we’ve found.

Love is Kind

Bible Craft | 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 | Love is Kind|❤️| Sunday school Craft Ideas | I கொரிந்தியர்13:4

This Bible-focused craft pulls its message from 1 Corinthians 13:4 – 8. For this task, you will need different colors of cartridge paper/construction paper.  This will be used to create your hearts. You will also need a solid rectangular piece of paper, harder is better, and you will also need a scissor and glue. 

Cut out 15 hearts of different colors plus two rectangular strips of paper. You will glue the hearts to the rectangular piece, overlapping each heart just a little bit, so the color below will peek through. Continue following the step-by-step instructions in the included video to complete this craft. Add printed or written verses to each heart. Then it’s time to have fun using the craft. 

Special thanks to SPREE SW for sharing this very helpful printable and instructions to download.

7 Feasts from the Bible Craft for Kids

7 Feasts Bible Craft | DIY Bible Craft | Bible Craft | 🍇🍓🍒🍑🥭🍋

For this craft, you need paper, scissors, cardboard and glue. Draw the outline of a bunch of grapes on cardboard, and cut out the shape. Cut out shapes on colored paper to match the grapes and the leaves. Glue these to the cardboard shape. Cut white circles to go over the craft, each with one feast from the Bible. 

Folding Craft Sticks Canvas

Folding Craft Stick or Popsicle Stick Canvas Craft - View it and Do it Craft! #8

This craft creates a great multipurpose end product. They can be used as gifts for others or used again and again by your kid crafter. For this craft, you will need a pack of craft sticks, a ruler, markers or paint, scissors, as well as ribbon, and tape. 

Fish Water Bottle Christian Crafts for Kids

Fish Water Bottle Craft and Activity - View it and Do it! Craft

This is a great craft for helping kiddos with Bible verse memorization. For this craft, you will need colored tissue paper, a water bottle, confetti, glitter, gems, sequins, googly eyes, colored paper, bible verse printed on colored paper, scissors, and glue. If you make multiple bible verse copies, you can make a game out of this craft. Whoever finds all the words in the Bible verse in the right order first, wins. 

Foil Cross Crafts

Foil Tape, Embossed Cross Craft - View it and Do it Craft! #11

For this Christian craft, you will need craft foam, colored paper, scissors, glue, foil tape, markers, utensils, and gems. This makes a fun shiny craft that your kids will love to take home, and it is super easy to do even for your younger children. 

Jesus Heals the Blind Man Craft

This is a great Christian craft for younger kids if you use the printable template. For older kids, you can forgo the printable and have them draw their very own Jesus if you need an activity that will be more time-consuming.  

For this craft, you will need the printable, scissors, crayons, or markers for coloring and glue. Your final product is a craft that tells the story in a functional way. Your kids will definitely love this one!

Elijah Fed the Birds Paper Puppet Craft

Paper Bird Puppet Craft

Here is one of the most popular Christian crafts for kids that will definitely spark joy in the eyes of your kids. For this craft, you will need the printable template, coloring pencils, crayons or markers, glue, tape, feathers, and colored paper with bible verse words printed out. The craft will be fun to make, and also will serve as a memory verse aid for your little one. 

Paper Treasure Box Craft

Paper Treasure Box Craft - View it and Do it Craft

This is one of my favorite Christian crafts for kids! You will need the printable template found in the description box of the video. You will also need scissors, a ruler, pen/pencil, glue, and treasure to fill the box. This is an ideal task for older kids, as it is a bit more labor-intensive than others on the list. When done, kids have a nice keepsake to take home. 

Baby Jesus in a Manger Bible Craft for Kids

Baby Jesus in a Manger Envelope Craft for Kids

For this nativity craft, you will need the printable, scissors, a small envelope, ruler, glue, crayons and pencil. 

Envelope Basket Craft – Jesus Feeds the Multitude

Bible Craft - Envelope Basket Craft - View it and Do it Craft! #3

This craft goes with the Bible verse of Jesus feeding the 5000. You will need the craft printable, crayons, scissors, chenille stems, a small envelope, and glue. 

 Crab Pool Noodle Craft 

Crab Pool Noodle Craft

You will need colored styrofoam, chenille stems, colored paper, scissors, googly eyes, a cheap crafting knife, and a glue gun. 

Paper Cup Fish Puppet Craft 

Paper Cup Fish Puppet Craft - View it and Do it Craft!

With these Christian crafts for kids, you will need colored paper cups, colored dots, googly eyes, scissors, paper punch, glue, brass fasteners and construction paper. 

Simple Paper Crown Craft

How to Make Simple Paper Crowns - Kid-tested Craft

This craft is fun to do, and your kiddos will be so excited to get it done so they can wear their crowns. This is so much fun, that they will have no excuse to not soak up the accompanying lesson. 

For this Bible craft, you will need construction paper, glue, scissors, tape, and gems for the crown. The printable makes this craft easy for younger kids, as well as fun. 

Wise Men Paper Craft 

Wise Men Still Seek Him! Paper Craft for Christmas

You will need to print out the template onto colored construction paper. In addition to the template, you will need scissors, markers, a ruler, glue, and a hole punch. 

The Resurrection Story Stick Puppets Biblical Craft for Children

The Resurrection Story using Stick Puppets - View it and Do it Craft! #6

This craft can be used to tell the resurrection story again and again. For this craft, you will need craft sticks, construction paper in various colors, crayons or markers, along with the printable template. 

Also, try this Crayon-based Christian craft for Kids at Easter.

 Naaman Pop Up Bible Craft 

Naaman Pop Up Bible Craft

Print the template, grab your scissors, ruler, pencil, coloring pens, and some glue, and get to completing this fun Bible craft for little ones. 

United in Love Paperclip Bible Craft 

United in Love Paper Clip Bible Activity - View it and Do it Craft #12

Print the patterns, cut them out, and follow the instructions in the video to complete the craft task with you and your kids. 

Easter Story Flower Puppet Craft 

A Short Easter Story - View it and Do it Craft! #7

For this craft, you will need colored construction paper to create flowers, chenille stems, scissors, and glue. This will make fun puppets kids will enjoy playing with over and over again. 

Easter Surprise Flower Craft 

Easter Surprise Flower Craft - View it and Do it Craft! #5

For this craft, the children will cut, color, and then fold their flowers. The complete flower will be placed in water and watched as they open up. Tools needed for this craft include regular printing paper, colored paper for the flowers, crayons or markers and scissors. 

Angel Ornament Craft 

Angel Christmas Ornament

This is a simple craft for children and a great keepsake that could turn into a family heirloom with a little care and proper storage. For this craft, you will need jumbo craft sticks, 4-inch doilies, silver ribbon, glue, scissors, coloring pencils, and silver chenille stems. 

We also made a super simple nativity set craft that you may like!

Noah’s Ark Crafts 

Noah's ark craft | Sunday school crafts | bible crafts

For this Christian craft, you will need blue and yellow crepe paper, two sheets of letter sized printing paper, a brown paper bag, markers, a ruler, scissors, and glue. 

The Prodigal Son Craft 

THE PARABLE OF THE PRODIGAL SON | Luke 15:11-24 | Craft for kids | Sunday School Craft

This is a simple craft. You only need a few items for this craft, colored paper, glue, markers, a pencil, and scissors. 

God’s Love Footsteps Hanging Craft

Activity Time | 1 Corinthians 13 | God’s Love | Footsteps | Craft

If you like Christian crafts for kids, you will love this one! You will need colored or white paper, red ribbon, scissors, markers, and a pencil. You will cut out 1 large heart and 10 smaller hearts, and label each with scripture words from 1 Corinthians 13 to create the entire scripture. Attach ribbons to larger hearts and attach smaller hearts to ribbons to make a hanging craft. 

The Fruit of the Spirit Craft 

The Fruit of The Spirit | Sunday school Crafts

This craft is a great way to remind children about the fruits of the spirit. For this craft, you will need colored paper, a brass fastener, scissors, and markers. 

Tower of Babel Craft 

Tower of babel craft

This is one of the easiest Christian crafts for kids! You will need two sheets of paper, scissors, glue, and markers. This craft doesn’t have many bells and whistles, so it may be more suited for the older kids, who may not need all the extra color and decorations to make the crafting fun. 

Wrapping Up

Use these ideas on Christian crafts for kids at Sunday School, Youth Camp activities, or even in your own home with your kids to cement the word of God in their little minds.

They will have fun while learning the Word of God. This also teaches them to make time for Godly activities that please God and help to strengthen their relationship with Him. 

christian crafts for kids

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