EASY Crayon Art for Holy Week

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The Holy Week is fast approaching and it is best to prepare our hearts, mind, and soul again with the teachings of the Lord during this time.

For some people, Holy Week feels like a dark and sad time, but it is actually a beautiful process that shows how God delivered us from all our sins which will eventually lead to the celebration of His resurrection during Easter.

holy week crayon art featured

A perfect activity or thing to do this season is for us to focus on our relationship with God as well as to spend a moment appreciating the sacrifices that He did for us through the cross.

Now if you have kids in the family, don’t worry because they can also learn about the glorious sacrifices of Jesus and His love for us by teaching them about the station of the cross that took place during the Holy Week.

I like to use an easy crayon art craft that allows everyone to create a colorful cross decoration that can be used during the discussion of the station of the cross.

Holy Week Art 7

Crayon art? You may ask why, but this is a good exercise to do this Holy Week because you won’t have to spend any dime at all since the materials are easily available at home or in any kid’s school kit.

The idea is to create a crayon art using broken or old crayons to represent ourselves. Now that you have an idea with the crayon art and on how it can be used to discuss the Holy Week to little ones, then its time for us to get started!

Crayon Art Materials:  2 whiteboard papers, Crayons of any color, Hairdryer

Holy Week Art 1

Crayon Art Craft Procedures

Cut a cross pattern from one of the two whiteboard papers. We will use this as a template to create a cross pattern on the other paper.

Press the cross pattern down to the other piece of whiteboard paper.

Now color the paper with your choice of color but make sure to not move the pattern so that we will have a sleek and clean blank cross afterward.

holy week art 2

Also, it is best to color as hard as you can so that more crayon wax will remain on the paper

Holy Week Art 3

Once you’re done, heat the colors using the hair dryer by roving it over the colors. This will melt the max. Leave until it is cool enough to touch.

Holy Week Art 4

Finally, using your finger spread the colors to mix together. It will feel powdery so it is easy to mix the colors due to the heat of the hairdryer. Remove the pattern and you’re done!

Holy Week Art 8

Another Crayon Art Craft Variation

I’ve also created another design with horizontal direction and chose colors to create an ombre or transition finish. You can also just color the edges or the sides of the pattern to be able to draw a solid cross design. Then finish it with the hairdryer to soften down the colors.

Holy Week Art 7
Holy Week Art 9

Additional Crayon Art Craft Notes

Crayon art is a good tool to open the topic to the young ones because it will be the representation or the props that you can use while discussing the topic of the station of the cross or the crucifixion. While doing crayon art with the cross you can talk to them about how Jesus died on the cross for their sins.

Holy Week Art 6

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