Just Another Day in the Life of a Woman – Right/Left Game

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Happy Mother’s Day! Use the following story as a creative and fun way to give out door prizes or gag gifts to a group of mothers this Mother’s Day weekend.

Have any number of moms sit in a circle and give them all a gift. Read this humorously and relatable story aloud and instruct each mother to pass their gift to either their RIGHT or LEFT as the story prompts.

At the end of the story, the gift they are left holding is the one they take home!

Just another day in the life of a mother game

Just Another Day in the Life of a Women Game Script

A woman’s work is never done

There are meals LEFT to plan and errands to run

Clothes LEFT to wash and floors LEFT to sweep

RIGHT at the dawn, she rises, still half-asleep,

And goes RIGHT to work cleaning the rooms

Making good use of vacuums and sponges and brooms

She picks up the mess LEFT from the night before

The rushes RIGHT out to the bank and the store

The milk was LEFT empty and the bread’s been depleted

She fills up her cart with the things that are needed

Having LEFT off her shopping she hurries on back

With armloads of boxes and bags to unpack

RIGHT into the pantry and freezer and shelves

She neatly arranges them all by herself

The kids will be hungry RIGHT after school

So she sticks a snack RIGHT in the fridge to keep cool

With the time she has LEFT before the children run in

She straightens the furniture and vacuums again

The children arrive and eat the snack she has LEFT

Tracking dirt RIGHT onto the floor she just swept

She helps them get RIGHT onto their homework and then

Goes RIGHT to the kitchen for dinner to begin

She scurries LEFT and RIGHT as best she is able

To make sure a healthy meal gets LEFT on the table

When she knows much it will get LEFT on the plates

By the children who seem to have RIGHT fickle tastes.

They’ll say they’re RIGHT full and can’t eat one more bite

Until the time for dessert when they’re suddenly all RIGHT

And ready for sweets and the pie she’s LEFT cooling

They were just way too stuffed and now they’re all drooling

But she cuts them a slice and makes them RIGHT merry

As they all stuff themselves with delicious blueberry

Then they’re RIGHT off to bathe and brush and pajama

No time LEFT to fuss or argue with Mama

She kisses the LEFT cheek and kisses the RIGHT

Then reads them a story and tucks them in tight

And they drift RIGHT off to sleep, angelic faces beaming

Mom creeps out on tiptoe when they’re LEFT to their dreaming

Another day’s done, she thinks with a sigh

With all the activity, the hours flew RIGHT by

Still, she is grateful and happy and blessed

As she heads off to bed for a RIGHT-deserved rest.

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