Right/Left Gift Exchange Game: A Day in the Life of a Woman

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Games, icebreakers, and welcome/parting gifts are a must when planning for a women’s retreat! Why not combine all of these with an interactive gift exchange game? This game is great because everyone is a winner, but a few are BIG winners.

A day in the life of a woman game

How to play:

  1. Prepare similar gift bags for all the ladies attending the women’s retreat. Tip: Buy Discounted Gift Bags in Bulk
  2. In 1 or more gift bags include a “special gift” such as a gift card, movie tickets, etc. Tip: Buy Gift Cards on Amazon
  3. Ask all of the ladies to stand in a circle holding one gift bag in their hands.
  4. Instruct them that as you read the story below “A Day in the Life of a Woman” that they are to pass the bag to the RIGHT every time they hear the word right and to the LEFT when they hear the word left in the story.
  5. Read the Right/Left Gift Exchange Game story below.
  6. At the end they can look in the gift bags to see what they won.
Gift Exchange Game

Gift Exchange Game: A Day in the Life of a Woman

RIGHT at 5am the alarm starts to beep
She sits RIGHT up and shakes off the sleep

Throws her LEFT leg over the side of the bed
And thinks of the busy day RIGHT ahead

She stands and shuffles RIGHT off to prepare
Yawning as she makes her way RIGHT down the stairs

“First things first,” she thinks, reaching LEFT for her cup
She grabs the coffee pot and fills her mug RIGHT up

It’s breakfast time and her tummy complains RIGHT on cue
So she munches on a LEFT-over morsel or two

She gathers the wet rags that were LEFT in the sink
Throws them RIGHT in the washer; they’re starting to stink

She goes RIGHT to the living room and opens the door
Carefully stepping RIGHT over blocks that were LEFT in the floor

The room looks like a twister cut a path RIGHT through
And LEFT a trail of destruction for her to tend to

So she gets RIGHT to work picking up toys and stuff
Stale LEFT-over bits of unfinished cheese puffs

There’s a RIGHT sock ‘neath the table, a LEFT shoe ‘neath the chair
Their mates must have vanished RIGHT into thin air.

She gathers them RIGHT up and puts them away
Knowing they’ll be LEFT out again by the end of the day

The children are stirring, running RIGHT down the stairs
To argue over the last LEFT box of cereal squares

They gobble breakfast RIGHT up and are shooed off to dress
While she cleans up the kitchen they LEFT in a mess

Teeth are brushed, hair is combed, and a RIGHT row is made
Over who’s RIGHT and who’s wrong in a game that’s been played

She breathes a sigh of relief when they’ve LEFT for school
Then it’s RIGHT back to work, no time to play cool

There’s laundry and dishes and floors LEFT dirty
She’ll have to finish before the children come RIGHT back at 3:30

So she scrubs and she cleans till there’s LEFT not a smear
Puts the house all a RIGHT and then what does she hear?

The children are home and have LEFT open the door
Dropped their backpacks and shoes RIGHT on the clean floor

But there’s no time LEFT for mopping or sweeping today
The children are starving and must have a snack RIGHT away

The table is LEFT piled with napkins and cups
And she sighs as once again she cleans it RIGHT up

There’s homework LEFT to be done and dinner LEFT to begin
Then the door opens and her husband wearily shuffles RIGHT in

She greets him RIGHT away with a kiss and a smile
And tells him to sit RIGHT back and relax for a while

There’s only a little while LEFT before dinner’s ready
She dishes RIGHT up a big bowl of spaghetti

She looks ‘round the table to her LEFT and her RIGHT
To her children and husband and laughs RIGHT at the sight

Of the faces LEFT smeared with sauce and with noodle
And knows it’s RIGHT worth it, though it sometimes seems futile

To keep it all working together just RIGHT
And she’s LEFT quite exhausted from the daily fight

Still, she’d never trade what she has RIGHT in front of her
As they all smile RIGHT at her and tell her they love her

When they’ve all LEFT the table and headed to bed
She smiles at the thought of quiet hours RIGHT ahead

She says her goodnights; RIGHT to bed does she creep
Opens her book and then falls RIGHT to sleep.

She’s LEFT to her dreams; her day’s at its end
But at dawn, it will all start RIGHT over again.

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