RIGHT/LEFT Christmas Gift Exchange Game: Last Minute Family Christmas

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Do you remember a time when your family frantically put Christmas together last minute? I sure do. This Christmas gift exchange game is guaranteed for group fun and laughter. Make sure to stand everyone in a circle with their gifts in hand.

Then, read this story and place emphasis on the words “RIGHT” and “LEFT“. Each time you read “Right” and “Left” the group must pass their gift in the appropriate direction. This is a great way to pass out Christmas gifts, door prizes, etc.

RIGHT-LEFT Christmas Gift Exchange Game

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“It’s RIGHT before Christmas,” Mother said with a sigh
“There’s so much LEFT to do, so much LEFT to buy!”

“Don’t worry,” said Father. “It will be all RIGHT.
If we get RIGHT on it, we can finish tonight!”

So RIGHT to the SUV they flew like a flash
And LEFT for the bank to withdraw Christmas cash.

Then, money in hand, they sped RIGHT across town.
There were only hours LEFT on the Christmas Countdown.

They had all been so busy Christmas had crept RIGHT on in
And LEFT them all scrambling, much to their chagrin.

And on they hurried RIGHT to their next stop,
The LEFT-over sale at the Christmas Tree Shop.

“Looks like slim pickings,” said Father, and boy, was he RIGHT.
The tree that was LEFT was a rather sad sight.

“It’ll be all RIGHT,” said Mother, “With some festive decor,
It won’t look like a LEFT-over twig anymore.”

So RIGHT to the hood of the car it was fastened
And RIGHT to the next stop the family hastened.

They LEFT the car running in front of the toy store
And hurriedly pushed their way RIGHT through the door.

They shoved RIGHT through the crowd, ashamed of themselves
As they snatched up whatever was LEFT on the shelves.

They paid for their purchases and flew RIGHT to the trunk
“Let’s get RIGHT back home and unload all this junk,”

Said Father in a voice RIGHT melodramatic
“The decorations are all still LEFT up in the attic!”

So RIGHT up through the crawlspace, he climbed with care
For the garland and stockings that had been LEFT up there.

Then RIGHT back down with boxes and bags
Of baubles and lights and LEFT-over tags

The lights had been LEFT in a huge tangled ball
It took RIGHT close to an hour to unravel them all.

Untangled, at last, the lights went RIGHT onto the tree
That had been LEFT by the front window for all to see.

It still looked quite bare, so Mother got RIGHT to work
Dressed it RIGHT up with tinsel, then turned with a jerk.

“What do you think?” she asked Father who was LEFT with a grin.
“RIGHT nice,” he answered. “Let Christmas begin!”

They plundered the boxes that were LEFT in the floor
RIGHT-ly adding garlands and treasures galore.

Till the little tree sparkled like a gem LEFT in the sun
Mother looked RIGHT over the work they had done.

There was no time LEFT to waste, it was getting so late
She pulled the children’s stockings RIGHT out of a crate.

And hung them RIGHT over the fireplace there
And LEFT them for Santa to fill up with care.

RIGHT off to the table, she blew like a blizzard
Where the bright colored paper was LEFT to be scissored

And taped with bright ribbons RIGHT onto each gift
While Father RIGHT quickly continued to sift

Through mountains of bubble-wrap LEFT from years past
RIGHT wonderful memories he pulled out at last

Handmade decorations the children brought home
Some made from LEFT-over sequins and some

Made of painted uncooked macaroni and glue
And these went RIGHT up on the little tree too

Proudly displayed for the neighbors to see
The LEFT-over, last-minute, bright Christmas tree.

Presents wrapped, garlands hung with only moments LEFT to spare
Mother whipped them RIGHT up some eggnog to share

They looked RIGHT at each other, relieved at how they’d fared
“Next year,” they both promised, “We’ll be better prepared!”

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