The Ultimate List of Christmas Games (230 total games)

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Not only is Christmas the most wonderful time of the year, it is also the busiest time of the year for most!  With school out, family vacations, church events, and work engagements who has time to search the internet for fun and engaging Christmas games?

Now, you don’t have to.  Below you will find two sections.  The first is filled with single games that are perfect for any Christmas event and the second is the best of the best roundup posts filled with even more games.

best list of chistmas games

Best Right-Left Christmas Games

Right-Left Christmas Games are a Christmas staple.  They are easily the most popular Christmas games due to their simplicity and affordability for people wanting to exchange gifts without buying a gift for everyone. 

These are perfect for large families, company Christmas parties, school Christmas events, and anyone else looking for something new.  Right left Christmas games are easy to setup and have very few rules which make them ideal to play. 

Here’s how to play:

  1. Stand everyone in a circle (loop) with the gift they brought in their hand.
  2. Print one of the Right-Left Christmas Gift Exchange Games below to read.
  3. Instruct the players to pass the gift in their hand RIGHT or LEFT when they hear the words RIGHT and LEFT read from the Christmas story.
  4. Once the Christmas story ends, the gift they are holding is the gift they get.
  5. Sit back and enjoy the laughter and amusement as everyone passes the gifts along.  You may learn some people don’t know Right vs Left under pressure.  Haha!

Right-Left Christmas Games List:

  1. Left/Right Gift Game – Saint Nick’s Nightmare
  2. Twas The Night Before Christmas Right/Left Gift Exchange Game
  3. RIGHT/LEFT Christmas Gift Exchange Game: Last Minute Family Christmas
  4. Frosty the Snowman Story – Right/Left Christmas Game
  5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Story – Left Right Gift Exchange Game
  6. RIGHT/LEFT Gift Exchange Game – The Nativity Story
  7. Rush to Grandma’s A RIGHT/LEFT Game for Gift Exchanges
  8. RIGHT/LEFT GAME – Uses for Fruitcake

ultimate list of christmas games

Best Individual Christmas Games

Individual (Standalone) Christmas games are ideal for families who want to change it up with their gift exchanges.  They are also perfect to play before changing gifts to get everyone playing together and enjoying time with each other. 

Listed below we have a wide variety of Standalone Christmas Games that can be played in very large groups to small get-togethers.  You are sure to find one to fit your Christmas needs.

  1. Christmas Family Tradition Game:  Start a new family tradition with this fun 3 gift exchange game for older kids and adults alike.
  2. Christmas Candy Saran Wrap Ball Game:  An exciting and competitive way to pass out Christmas candy to a group of people.
  3. Christmas Tree On A Plate Game:  This is a super fun game that only requires paper plates and a writing utensil.
  4. Christmas Charades Game:  It’s always a blast having a group of friends and family act out funny Christmas activities.
  5. Candy Cane Games:  You likely have candy canes lying around and a full stomach this holiday.  Why not turn those candy canes into the object of a great game with your friends and family?
  6. Christmas Rollick:  Let’s change it up a bit with REVERSE charades. Link
  7. Merry Christmitts Game:  Have you ever watched someone open a Christmas gift with oven mitts?  It’s hilarious!
  8. Christmas Word Scramble:  Can you figure this word out? “GIGABRNDEER” – If you answered GINGERBREAD then this is the game for you.
  9. Christmas Song Scramble:  Test your skills in figure out which famous Christmas songs are in the scrambled pile of letters. Link
  10. Fat Santa:  Grab the biggest sweatsuits you can find and see who can make the biggest Santa suit by stuffing them with balloons. Link
  11. Ring A Bell Christmas Game:  Ding! Ding!  I am looking for a candy cane.  If you got it, you win! Link
  12. Wrap It Up Surprise:  The key here is to keep what they are wrapping up a secret.  The secret is they are wrapping up a member of their team. Link
  13. Let’s Make A Deal:  Box 1, 2, or 3… Which will you choose in this gift giving game. Link
  14. Christmas Action Cards:  Pick a card, any card.  Which action will you get? Link
  15. Christmas Scavenger Hunt:  Can you decipher all the clues to find the special Christmas gift?
  16. Decorate The Christmas Tree Relay Game:  Have fun decorating a Christmas tree in this relay game. Link
  17. Christmas Eve Reindeer Games:  Let’s make a night of it with family and friends.  This is a Reindeer Relay of fun games. Link
  18. Snowman Slam:  Following the rules of a classic fair game, who can knock the most styrofoam snowmen down with a snowball? Link
  19. Mr. Singing Snowman and Pom-Poms:  Do you have the skill to throw white pom-poms through specific holes for points?  Let’s see! Link
  20. You’ve Been Jingled:  Here’s one you can start on December 1st with a group of friends and keep it going all month long.
  21. Christmas BINGO: Forget B34 and O7!  Let’s get more festive with this holiday spin on a classic game. Link

The Best Christmas Roundup Posts

Have you played every game above and looking for more?  Below is a list of Christmas compilation posts that offer a huge library of Christmas games.

  1. 17 Quick Minute To Win It Christmas Games
  2. 25 of the Most Entertaining Christmas Party Games
  3. 30 Awesome Christmas Games for Kids
  4. 50 Amazing Holiday Party Games
  5. 30 Christmas Games for Family Fun
  6. 17 Free Printable Christmas Games
  7. 40 Free Printable Christmas Games for Kids

Best Christian Christmas Gifts

Now that you have a list of the best Christmas games, you may need to pick up some Christmas gifts!  We’ve reviewed the best Bibles and Christian devotionals below for you.  A Bible or devotional to compliment someone’s Bible reading makes for the perfect holiday Christmas gift.  After all, Jesus is the reason for the season!

The articles below feature the best Christian Christmas Gifts where we review the best Bibles for any topic.

The articles below feature the best Christian Christmas Gifts where we review the best devotionals for any topic.

ultimate list of the best christmas games
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