A Royally Unique Name Tag Idea for Your Next Ladies Retreat

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royal ladies retreat crownIt is unarguably true that every woman once wished to be a princess or a queen in her lifetime. So, for your next ladies retreat, why not have a royally unique name tag that your women can enjoy?

With this creative activity you can ask your guests to create a royal crown that will serve as their name tag. All you need to do is provide a wide range of supplies and encourage the guests to express themselves creatively. You may wish to take a vote and reward the top three crowns with a gift certificate.

Royal Crown Name Tag Idea

A short list of the materials you will need:

After everyone has completed their name tag, encourage them to wear it for the rest of the day. This activity will serve as a great introduction icebreaker for your ladies to start talking, and it is a great way to learn the names of the other guests.

There you go! Indeed, this royally unique name tag idea is perfect for your next royalty themed ladies retreat. Since most of women have once dreamt of becoming a princess, they will find this activity interesting and engaging. You may even catch them in conversations with each other sharing their childhood memories.

Don’t forget to take a group photo of everyone wearing their crowns!

royal name tag

How would you make these name tags better? Let us know below.

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