Teamwork Is Key: 5 Cooperation Games

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Do you need help encouraging teamwork at your camp?  Teamwork games help promote cooperation and bonding amongst team members.

These cooperation games teach friendly competition and good sportsmanship.  The teams learn how to help each other and instill the necessary values to be a good team player.

These games only function properly when everyone works together. and helps each other to reach a goal as a team effort.  

Here are 5 fun cooperation games to build a stronger team

cooperation games

Got Your Back

In Got Your Back, teams will find partners and become pairs.  These pairs will sit back-to-back on the floor.  When a mediator begins the game by shouting “Go!” the teams will have to stand up without letting their backs separate from each other.  

They are also not allowed to talk during this activity.  Therefore, they will rely on their team effort of working towards a common goal in order to successfully complete the task.

Team Machine

In Team Machine, teams are divided into even numbers of 4-8 participants per group.  The teams will combine to become a machine of some kind, with each person representing a specific part of the machine (like the engine, headlights, or breaks for example).

The teams will make their machine have sounds and actions, and all of the team members will be actively participating.  Then the teams perform their actions in front of everyone, and other teams will then have to guess what type of machine they are.

Puzzle Blind

This is one of the most played cooperation games.  In this game, the participants sit in a circle and are blindfolded.  One person sits with their back to the group and does not have a blindfold on.  

This person can’t look at the group at any time.  A puzzle will be spread in front of the participants wearing blindfolds.  These puzzles will usually be ones with large pieces that are easy to feel.

The group has to make the pieces into a puzzle without being able to see anything.  The person without a blindfold is given a picture of what the completed puzzle should look like, and can help the group by giving clues and tips to complete the puzzle.

While you have the blindfolds out, you may consider these fun games with blindfolds.

Quick Pass

This cooperation game consists of a goal that the team will have to finish together.    The team has to pass an object around to make sure that everyone touched it at least once.  This game will be timed, so the group has to plan ahead for success.

Don’t Step Off

This game begins with a blanket on the floor and everyone is asked to stand on it.  The participants must all stand on the blanket without their feet touching the ground off the blanket.  

Then the blanket will be folded in half, and they will again have to complete the same goal.  The blanket will continue to get folded, and the teams will have to find ways (ex. like keeping one foot in the air) not to touch the ground.  

They will have to communicate effectively in order for everyone to work together in cohesion.