101 Questions for Couples

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Being in a relationship is a never-ending learning experience. No matter if you have been a couple for a few weeks or four decades, there may be still some things you don’t know about your partner. Of course, these are not things they are hiding from you but just some things that just never came up.

Here we put together a list of 101 questions for couples that are fun and can give you a new perspective of your partner. These are great for date nights, couples retreats, and just for your casual one-on-one time for the week/day. However, you do it in your relationship is up to you.

Many couples have found themselves spending a lot of time together while others have had to spend a lot of time on Zoom calls. It’s important to keep things fresh in your relationship as your needs and wants will evolve over time. By asking some romantic, intimate, and thought-provoking questions you can continue to bond with and have fun with your partner. The answers to these questions can also help you to grow closer to each other as you learn to understand each other better.

Questions for Couples

You and your spouse will find some of these questions funny. Some will help to improve your communication while others will help you to learn a thing or two about your partner’s childhood. With some of these questions for couples, you will learn about their views on love and what would make them happier and so much more.

Set the tone for these sessions by creating a space that is cozy. As we said, you can use them during date night or you can just have the questions that you ask when you have your daily or weekly alone time. So now let’s get right into those couples-themed questions!

Our questions for couples game is divided into five categories, with 20 questions per category:

  • Conversation Starters
  • Questions about Romance and Relationships
  • Deep Questions for Couples
  • Silly Questions
  • Would You Rather Questions

Conversation Starters for Couples

  1. What is the earliest memory you still have from your childhood?
  2. What is your most favorite memory from your childhood?
  3. What is your least favorite memory from childhood?
  4. Tell me about an experience you had that you have no explanation for?
  5. Would you prefer a mountain vacation or a beach vacation?
  6. What’s your favorite song? Why is it your favorite?
  7. Who was your best teacher?
  8. Who was your absolute worst teacher of all time?
  9. Who were you the closest to when you were growing up?
  10. Who was your favorite family member when you were growing up? Are they still your favorite?
  11. Which famous person have you ever met?
  12. Tell me about your first crush.
  13. Who is your family’s black sheep?
  14. Who is the person in your family that can do no wrong?
  15. What trait in other people annoys you the most?
  16. When you are at your best, what are you doing?
  17. What part of your daily routine do you hate the most?
  18. What bucket list item have you not crossed off your list?
  19. Are you content where we are living right now or would you like us to move somewhere else in the future?
  20. What new thing or skill are you considering learning this year?

Couple’s Questions about Romance and Relationships

  1. What’s your number one goal for our relationship right now?
  2. What do you think is the leading cause of divorce?
  3. Which couple do you really admire and look up to?
  4. What’s your deal-breaker for a relationship?
  5. What’s your favorite part of my body?
  6. How do you view our love life?
  7. Tell me a regret from a previous relationship.
  8. What is the best gift I could give to you?
  9. What would a perfect afternoon together be for us?
  10. Is there anything you think about that would make our relationship better?
  11. What makes you feel the most loved?
  12. Where do you see our relationship in the next five to ten years?
  13. What is the one thing I do that irritates you the most?
  14. What is one thing about me you found out early and really liked?
  15. What is your happiest memory of us?
  16. What are the three traits about me that you like the most?
  17. What do you think makes us different from other typical couples our age?
  18. What do you love the most about our relationship?
  19. What is my most attractive trait?
  20. What do you think is your most attractive trait?

Deep Questions for Couples

  1. What are three things that scared you as a child?
  2. What are three things that you are scared of now as an adult?
  3. What’s the best life advice you have ever received?
  4. Has our relationship affected your spirituality? How?
  5. What do you think is the ultimate glue that keeps couples together?
  6. Is there anything about me that you would want to change?
  7. Do you believe in pure joy and have you ever experienced it?
  8. What song would you like to be played at your funeral?
  9. What is the single most important thing I should know about you that I don’t already know?
  10. Are you living your best life? If not, what could make it so you could live your best life?
  11. Do you think we have been put here on earth for a purpose?
  12. What year was your hardest year?
  13. How do you want to be remembered when it’s all said and done?
  14. When making important life decisions, do you listen to your brain or your heart more?
  15. What’s the best advice you have received from your mom?
  16. What is your biggest life regret?
  17. Have you ever attempted writing a book? What would it be about?
  18. When was the last time you sang to yourself or to someone else?
  19. If you could wake up tomorrow with one new quality or attribute, what would it be?
  20. What roles do affection and love play in your life outside of our relationship?

Silly Questions for Couples

  1. Who was your idol or superhero when you were growing up?
  2. If you could get a superpower which one would it be?
  3. Who was your celebrity crush when you were a teenager?
  4. What Monopoly piece do you prefer to play with the most?
  5. Have you ever stayed up for an entire night? If so, why?
  6. Going to the moon, would you be thrilled or terrified?
  7. When did your parents first talk to you about dating and relationships?
  8. What is a pet peeve of yours that is super silly?
  9. How long would you last if we were to have a Zombie Apocalypse?
  10. What movie have you watched over and over and over again?
  11. If you could read minds, whose mind would you want to read first?
  12. What is your “go-to” joke?
  13. What talent do you have that is entirely useless?
  14. What weird thing have you eaten that I don’t know about?
  15. How long would it take you to capture a run-away duck?
  16. How would you describe yourself in one word?
  17. Do you have a favorite Avengers character? Who is it?
  18. What’s the worst movie you’ve seen?
  19. What superstitions do you believe in?
  20. What is the one food you would want to eat for the rest of your life?

Would You Rather Questions for Couples

  1. Would you rather have access to all the world’s knowledge or be a billionaire?
  2. Would you rather live for 20 years with no regrets or 100 years with lots of regrets?
  3. Would you rather fight a shark or a tiger?
  4. Would you rather lose your sense of smell or your sense of taste?
  5. Would you rather only shout or only whisper?
  6. Would you rather wear the same underwear for a week or the same pair of socks for a month?
  7. Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the funniest person in the room?
  8. Would you rather live in a studio with 25 of your best friends or in a 25 room mansion all by yourself?
  9. Would you rather be a 30ft giant or be the size of a thumb?
  10. Would you rather get a haircut or shave your head bald?
  11. Would you rather live forever aging at the normal rate or just grow old and die?
  12. Would you rather be poor and happy or rich and miserable?
  13. Would you rather be rich and famous or rich but not famous?
  14. Would you rather have hamburgers or hot dogs on the grill?
  15. When we get the chance to travel, would you rather we traveled internationally or nationally?
  16. Over the course of a year, would you see me every day for a month or once a week throughout the year?
  17. Would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire?
  18. Would you rather live in cold weather or warm weather?
  19. Would you rather have more money or have more time?
  20. Would you rather a pause button or a rewind button for life?

101. What is one question not on this list that you would like to ask me?

We hope these questions for couples make for a fun date night and open up the lines of communication between you and your partner.

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