5 Best Halloween Minute To Win It Games

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween game?  It’s that time of the year where the weather is crisp, leaves are changing, and Halloween/Harvest parties are all the rage. Halloween events are fun for everyone because you really can’t go wrong with any style of creative decorating you want as well as experimental pumpkin flavored cooking and games.

In this article, we are going to cover some of the most popular Halloween Minute To Win It Games. Some of these games are specially designed for Halloween while others can be easily adapted to fit your specific harvest-themed needs.

halloween minute to win it games

As with all Halloween Minute To Win It Games, each game below should only take one minute to complete. Here is a cheap one-minute timer recommended for all these games.

Halloween Face the Cookie

How to play: Place a Halloween cookie on the player’s forehead. The player must move the cookie down their face into their mouth within 60 seconds. You can make this a bit harder, by seeing how many Halloween cookies a player can complete from forehead to mouth within one minute. The player with the most cookies wins!

Items needed: Easy Halloween Cookie Kit

Scary Stack Attack

How to play: A player will take 36 plastic Halloween cups and construct a full pyramid with them. After completing the pyramid, the player must deconstruct it back down into a single stack of Halloween cups.

Items Needed: Cheap Halloween Themed Cups

Dizzy Mummy

How to play: One person will hold a roll of toilet paper stationary while the player spins in 360-degree circles unrolling the toilet paper and wrapping it around their body. If the toilet paper breaks off the roll the game is lost.

Items Needed: Inexpensive Toilet Paper

Creepy Speed Eraser

How to play: Using the Halloween themed cups from the game above, align 7 cups in a row. The player has one minute to bounce seven Halloween pencils off their erasers into the cup.

Items Needed: Halloween Pencils, Halloween Cups

The Ghost is Blowing (aka This Blows)

How to play: Using the escaping air from a balloon a player must knock down a series of 15 cups in a row. Using their air, the player can inflate the balloon as many times as it takes to complete this task.

Items Needed: Halloween Ghost Balloon, Halloween Cups

Which Halloween Minute To Win It Games will you be playing this year? We hope that the ones listed above make your party games list during the harvest festivities.

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