5 Funny Camp Skits to Get the Audience Laughing

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There are plenty of activities you can do at camp, and one of the most fun activities is incorporating funny camp skits. These funny camp skits are short scenes that get people to loosen up and share some laughs. They are also good for getting visitors involved and making them feel like they’re part of the whole camp experience.

funny camp skits audience laughing

Skits are short plays where you can tell stories in dialogue. They are usually funny and require a few participants to get started. With their short one-liners, skits are a perfect way to break the ice, create a happy atmosphere and develop the creative side of each individual.

These are 5 funny camp skits to get you started:

Tad-The most annoying kid in the youth group | SkitGuys

Tad - The Most Annoying Kid In The Youth Group - Skit Guys

This skit opens the scene in a funny tone but will lead you to a heavy and serious topic. Showing how two group leaders tried to avoid reaching out to this annoying kid named Tad. This will be an awesome and funny camp skit to include in your activities to show how people these days lack patience. Featuring three main characters and a scene that runs for around five minutes at most.

This skit serves as an important reminder to everyone of how one annoying kid can be facing a lot of problems and on how we should stretch our patience to deal with them. It may be tiring at times, but everyone actually faces difficulties. This skit helps your campers learn that being compassionate is the key to understanding everyone; even the most annoying ones.

God’s Word | davidsondavidson99

Word- hilarious camp skit

This funny camp skit requires audience participation. The leader with a pack of members will be standing in front and the leader will be leading a chant. The chant goes with how God’s word or the Bible is an effective and powerful tool that we can use in times of trials.

By the end of chanting, a person that represents “evil” will enter the room and everyone who understood that God’s word is the answer during the evil’s presence will attack the person to show that the Bible will shield us from the devil. Also, the devil part can be represented by more campers to portray temptations, challenges and other trials that we may face.

The SIN chair | Full Gospel Church of San Francisco (Lemo Pictures)

The Chair "The Sin Chair"

Have you ever thought of a time when you actually had the choice to avoid the devil or sinful actions but chose to still do it? Everyone experiences this at some point and this funny camp skit is a good representation of how we’ve done just that. This skit opens with a person holding a “do not sit” sign placing it on a vacant chair.  It draws you in by starting off with an innocent and funny moment that takes a very serious turn.

Then, a lady walks by and disregards the warning and sits in the chair. Now the problem arises, and she can’t leave. People walk by and try to help but still, she can’t leave the chair. More and more people are helping but still, nothing is working, until a person of God arrives and tries to help.

We’ll see in the skit how we disregard the help of God, and just let our personal decisions continue. But through the skit, we will realize that with God’s help only then we can be saved from any situation we’re in.

That’s not how you pray | Joseph Cirafici

"That's Not How You Pray" Funny Christian Skit By Joe Cirafici & Mark Barlow

Joseph Cirafici created this funny camp skit that will be perfect to feature at your next Christian event as it covers the different ways of how people pray. Others have different ways to talk to God, and we shouldn’t judge those who have different ways than us.

People tend to govern others at times by saying that there’s a right way to pray but through this skit, the audience will realize the praying differs from person to person. What matters is that we all give time to talk and pray to God.

Little Billy: My God is so big | SkitGuys

Skit Guys - Little Billy: My God is So Big

Here’s a funny skit that can be performed at youth camp to show how God strengthens us during trying times. It’s also a good way to show how our group leaders often stay strong and face us with a fierce character even if they themselves are facing trials. The skit is very funny showing how two different people are struggling with their first encounter, but are able to understand each other through the end.  The Skit Guys are able to deliver a very strong message in this skit that will definitely surprise everyone who’s watching.

These 5 funny camp skits are both short and comical but contain deep meaning that will leave a clear message to your audience. Take time to check on the videos and customize each skit to match your specific camp or retreat theme. All in all, these skits are here to inspire everyone and bring a memorable visual lesson to your event

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