7 Reasons NOT to Attend a Christian Retreat

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Christian retreats can be great resources for renewal, recovery, and in-depth study, but many people are still not convinced. They offer excuses for why they cannot attend or would not benefit from a retreat. Fortunately, those excuses are easily answered and refuted.

reasons not to attend christian retreat

1. “It costs too much.”

While there is some expense involved in attending a retreat, the benefits almost always outweigh the cost. There is much to be gained from going to a Christian retreat: clarity, fellowship, spiritual enlightenment, healing, etc. Such things are priceless.

  • However, if cost is an issue, a payment plan is a viable option.
  • Some organizations even offer sponsorships for those who are in need but are unable to pay the fees.
  • Youth camp fees are easy to offset with easy fundraising options.

2. “It’s too far away.”

Christian retreats are often held at camps or resorts in remote places. Being away from the noise and busyness of the urban areas adds to the experience, making it easier for attendees to relax and unwind.

If the distance poses a problem, a carpool may be a good solution. You can always offer to chip in some gas money in exchange for a ride to the retreat and it will likely be accepted, especially by someone who would otherwise be traveling alone.

There is also the possibility of getting a ride with a church or ministry group on a van or bus.  If so, try these bus games while you’re at it!

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3. “I don’t know anyone.”

Being far away from home with a group of strangers can be a daunting proposition to some people, but the solution is simple. A good retreat will offer a “getting to know you” session of some kind early on.

This usually comes in the form of a game or fun activity that takes the awkwardness out of introductions and puts everyone at ease. Speed-friending games are a great option!

By the end of the retreat, attendees are well acquainted with one another and even form new friendships.

4. “I don’t have enough time.”

As with monetary costs, the benefits of a Christian retreat are greater than the time invested. Many people lead very busy lives, balancing work and family, and in those cases, an abbreviated retreat may be a solid option.

There are weekend and even one-day retreats that are less of a time investment but can still provide the resources needed.

5. “I’m too young/old.”

There are Christian retreats available for all ages and backgrounds. They are usually tailored to specific groups, so finding one that fits is an easy task.

If your church group isn’t hosting a retreat any time soon, try local churches in your area. Most are listed on the internet and a simple search can be useful in finding one that’s right.

6. “It won’t be any fun.”

Some people think of a retreat as a succession of boring lectures and one-sided informational sessions. However, a Christian treat can be a lot of fun and spiritual at the same time!

Most offer exciting activities and fun games and have a good balance between lecture sessions and free time. Christian retreats can be wonderful times of fellowship and making friends.

7. “I don’t need a Christian retreat.”

Regardless of age, experience, or spiritual maturity, everyone can use a Christian retreat. There is always more to learn and experience. Anyone can surely benefit from time away from the normal pace of life and into a time of spiritual growth and personal reflection.

There are a number of excuses that can be offered up for not attending a Christian retreat. Most are flimsy at best, and usually, the main obstacle is fear.

Once those fears are addressed and allayed with some logical reasoning, most people are much more open to giving a Christian retreat a chance.