3 Commonly Underrated Things at Camp

Planning a camp or retreat is exciting, stressful, and rewarding wrapped up in one big package.  There are many important elements to consider to plan an event and execute it without a hitch.  While arranging the perfect speaker, praise and worship team, themes, games, and ideas it is important not to let these 3 often underrated …

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5 Pieces of Advice for Any Camper

Lately, we have been receiving a surge in rustic church camping requests, and feel like this article is a good start for your tent camping Christian retreats.  This is a guest post from David Gray, an authority in outdoor tent camping, who blogs at www.besttentforyou.com.  David outlines 5 great pieces of advice for those ready …

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To The Frustrated Youth Worker

My husband and I were raised in church. He came from a large church and I came from a much smaller one. Both of our parents were active members, so any time the doors were open, WE WERE THERE. Although our backgrounds were a bit different, when we took a position as youth directors, we …

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