A Beach-Themed Ladies Retreat Is A Wonderful Idea

This is a guest post from Cindy Herrera from the Hunt and Lunch blog. Every woman should go on a spiritual retreat at least once in their lives. Women have a lot of reasons and excuses not to go. I’m sure you’ll say something like “It’s too long. Who will take care of the kids?”, “ … Read more

5 Kid’s Camp Games That Are Even More Fun for Adults


You’re never too old to have fun. I have fond memories of summer camp as a kid – long days full of activity and equally fun-filled nights. I remember running through the woods with my friends, trying to capture our enemies’ flag. I remember sitting around the campfire for hours playing games and telling stories. … Read more

5 Quick Tips to Market Your Next Church Retreat

The literal meaning of retreat is to withdraw. It is spiritual in nature and its purpose is to get closer to God. It is a way to discuss one’s faith. It is the definite time spent away from normal or routine life to reconnect with God. As Christians, a retreat is a way for us … Read more

How to Convince Your Pastor That You Should Have a Retreat

Despite the rising popularity of church retreats, many churches, congregations, and pastors still haven’t taken hold of the opportunity have them. Some may be skeptical. Some may not have even really given thought to it before. Regardless, if you know how extraordinary and life-changing retreats can be, you can’t just sit back and let your … Read more

3 Commonly Underrated Things at Camp

Planning a camp or retreat is exciting, stressful, and rewarding wrapped up in one big package.  There are many important elements to consider to plan an event and execute it without a hitch.  While arranging the perfect speaker, praise and worship team, themes, games, and ideas it is important not to let these 3 often underrated … Read more

5 Pieces of Advice for Any Camper

Lately, we have been receiving a surge in rustic church camping requests, and feel like this article is a good start for your tent camping Christian retreats.  This is a guest post from David Gray, an authority in outdoor tent camping, who blogs at www.besttentforyou.com.  David outlines 5 great pieces of advice for those ready … Read more