The 13 Best Glow In The Dark Games For Youth Camp!

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Playing outdoors does not have to be confined to the daylight hours. Once the sun has disappeared and the sky surrounds you with an inky darkness there are still many activities and team sports that can be played out underneath the stars.

Imagine playing competitive glow in the dark games without the benefit of stadium lights, sunlight or even a few flashlights to illuminate the dark shadows.

glow in the dark games

This is when you depend on teamwork, strategies, speed and some fun accessories that glow in the dark. These neon colors will offer just enough of a hint to keep you on the right track.

It is amazing how confidence and teamwork will increase when the challenge of a nighttime landscape is added to the equation.

Consider planning some of these outdoor Glow in the Dark Games for your next nighttime event.

The fun of those outdoor games can be taken up a serious notch or two when you add glow in the dark accessories to these activities. Of course it is always best to use glow bracelets, glow sticks and glowing neon necklaces well after the sun has set.

Glow In The Dark Easter Egg Hunt (little kid’s)

Hide several dozen plastic eggs that glow in the dark. Be sure that you include a treat (or special reward) inside each of the eggs.

Send the kids out to find and retrieve the eggs. If you need to make the event more challenging for adults, teens and older kids you could create separate areas where the younger children can safely hunt for these glow in the dark surprises.

Glow In The Dark Charades

Fill a large cardboard box with an assortment of glow in the dark accessories. Include glowing batons, neon headbands, glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces and more. Now let one participant at a time reach into the box and use these accessories to act out an activity such as juggling or bowling.

The other participants can then try and guess what activity is being performed. The only real cues will be how the neon colored accessories are being handled and used. Think of this as a new and improved form of charades.

Back to Basics Glow In The Dark Style

Use glowing neon chalk or a (glow in the dark spray) to draw a checkerboard, hopscotch or 4 square patterns on the ground. Then try and play these glow in the dark games when all you can really see are the outlines that have been drawn on the pavement or ground.

Mastering A Glowing Obstacle Course

Glow in the dark games should be imaginative and provide some unusual challenges for each participant. Create an obstacle course using fluorescent batons, glowing ropes and cones to mark the paths.

Keep the course safe but challenging. Make sure that the path contains enough twists and turns to keep that excitement buzzing.

Instead of using only physical skills to conquer the obstacle course you should give each participant a tennis racket and a glow in the dark ball and then instruct them to use only the racket to guide the ball through the course. Create an obstacle course suitable for the ages of the participants.

Neon Golf for Nighttime Play

You can even play lawn golf with fluorescent equipment that sparkles at night. Everyone will have fun trying to keep their glow in the dark balls rolling toward the illuminated cups. Golf is a tricky sport during the day when you can see the entire course but the fun is multiplied when your night vision is forced to kick in.

Glow In The Dark Tag

Tag is one of the glow in the dark games that can be a lot of fun when you are chasing the other team through the darkness. Who knows what mysteries await in the shadows of that playing field?

Your imagination will surely be racing at full speed as you try and chase down your targets. Use neon bracelets in multiple colors on the wrists and ankles to identify those who are to be tagged. Choose one single color to be worn by those who are trying to tag the others.

This color can signal that these are the individuals that need to be avoided.  Don’t forget the super fun extremely big glow in the dark glow stick.

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Baseball, Softball, Choose your Ball Game

Batter up! Find some softballs that glow in the dark. Use fluorescent tape to highlight the top and bottom of the bats. You can use more glow in the dark batons or necklaces to show where the bases are located.

Now choose neon necklaces in one color for each team. Careful! This is one of the glow in the dark games that is a lot more challenging than you might think.

Redefining the Classic Red Rover Game

Remember the game of Red Rover-Red Rover? This is when two teams line up at opposite ends of a designated area. You are free to determine what the distance should be between the teams.

Everyone on a team should firmly hold hands to create a strong chain and then call out the name of an individual from the opposing side. When a name is called out the person should immediately run and try to break through the chain of hands with their body.

Use glow in the dark bracelets to identify where the linked hands are so the runner can choose a definite target.


Capture the flag, tag football, traffic cop, tic-tac-toe and outdoor chess games can all be re-imagined with the addition of fluorescent necklaces, batons and bracelets. If you are ready to experience fun without the sun then it’s time to begin planning an activities schedule that includes some of these fun-tastic glow in the dark games.

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best glow in the dark games for youth camp