7 Fun Oversized Giant Games (aka Yard Games)

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There is something to say about good outside games at camp. While there are many common ones to choose from sometimes it is fun to bring indoor table games to the outside, but with one major difference. They must be gigantic!

Fun Oversized Giant Yard Games

These oversized giant games not only add a new challenging element, but they also are completely hilarious and engaging too. It’s hard not to have fun when playing a game meant for a table top that is now 20 times larger outside.

Here is a list of our favorite oversized giant yard games:

  1. Giant Tumbling Timbers (aka Jenga): Who can stack the highest without knocking the tower over? If you have especially good players you may even need a small step ladder.
  2. Jumbo 4-To-Score (aka Connect4): By far a favorite among many. This is a perfect yard game for tournaments among teams or individuals.
  3. Yardzee (aka Yahtzee): Pick up a set of cheap oversized dice, and print some Yahtzee cards and you are ready to go. Nothing like playing with dice that are as large as your hands. Try throwing 5 at a time!
  4. Giant Tic-Tac-Toe: Pencil and paper is fun, but standing over a 3’ x 3’ grid is better. Not to brag, but I’ve the self proclaimed king of Tic-Tac-Toe. Challengers anyone?
  5. Giant Pass The Pigs: Some call pigs the ultimate party animals. This game is simply the classic game, but better.
  6. Super Jumbo Playing Cards: Having this Ace up your sleeve is a great giant game for the indoors or those unexpected rainy days. Every youth pastor or aspiring magician needs a deck like this.
  7. Giant Wooden Dominoes: Not only can you play a ton of different style domino games, but I prefer having multiple sets and making a very large over sized dominos line to knock down. Let’s start a chain reaction together!

As you can see taking ordinary tabletop games and oversizing them can be a lot of fun. When positioned outside these giant yard games demand to be played by anyone passing. They are great tools to getting youth campers active and engaged with others. Pickup up one of your favorites today!

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