4 Ways Perfectionism Hinders Planning

Perfectionism Hinders Planning

Everyone knows a perfectionist; in fact, that perfectionist might even be you. Perfectionism, no matter who it is attached to, has a couple of well-defined features. Perfectionists want every little detail to be just right; anything short of perfect is unacceptable. There are certain situations in which perfectionism can be good. For instance, when you … Read more

5 Main Elements of a Proper Welcome Packet

If you’re not using welcome packets, you should start now! Welcome packets are a great way to kick off any event and make your guests feel both comfortable and appreciated throughout their entire experience. However, it’s essential that these packets are not merely thrown together at the last minute, but are formed carefully and thoughtfully. … Read more

4 Reasons I Had a Horrible Youth Camp Experience

When I signed up to attended youth camp last year, I wasn’t sure what to think. All of my friends told me it would be a blast and that my life would be changed forever. Unfortunately, reality was far different for me. Youth camp didn’t inspire me or radically transform me; it left me drained, … Read more