A New Hope: Star Wars Youth Camp Theme (FREE)

a new hope star wars youth camp theme

The continue to be an incredibly popular series, with new movies coming out even 40 years after the original film. The theme of Light against Darkness resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds. This motif of Good versus Evil can be a powerful backdrop for a youth retreat. Using the themes and imagery from … Read more

4 Best Youth Camp Themes for 2017

Coming up with a theme for any retreat is difficult enough, but perhaps the trickiest type of event to plan for is youth camp. Teenagers are the future of our society; so it’s absolutely essential that they have a solid foundation in Christ. If that enormous truth is causing you to stumble in planning, check … Read more

10 Best Vacation Bible School Curriculums of 2017

We all know that it can be difficult to find the perfect youth camp theme, but with some effort and prayer it can be done.  The same can be said for finding the best Vacation Bible School curriculum for your church children’s program too!  VBS curriculums follow the same general guidelines of planning an effective … Read more