Super Boys: A Youth Camp Theme for The Guys

super boys youth camp theme

Comic book superheroes are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Big budget action flicks featuring superhero stars are all the rage and even television shows about comic book heroes are popular. More and more young people are looking to these types of characters as role models. A superhero retreat aimed at young boys or even adolescent … Read more

Super Girls: A Youth Camp Theme for The Gals

Superheroes have recently seen a resurgence in popularity. These days, many young people are finding their role models in the pages of comic books and in action movies. A Super Girls themed retreat aimed at young girls can help explore the idea of finding superhero strength and courage in God’s word. The pre-teens to teenagers … Read more

A Joyful Noise: A Complete Youth Camp Theme

There is a popular quote that reads, “Where words fail, music speaks.” Music is a powerful language. It can soothe, comfort and inspire. God has given us music for our enjoyment, but also as a tool of praise and worship. A Joyful Noise themed retreat can be a wonderful way to help children and teens … Read more

GAME ON: A Sports Related Theme for Youth Camps

Everyone likes winning and wants to be on the winning team. With a Team Sports themed youth retreat, young people can learn important ways to be a team player.  In order to win at team sports, players must train and practice and work together. In this retreat, youth can discover what God says about what … Read more

Stranger Things: A Youth Camp Theme Teens Love

Most young people would agree that what they want in life is to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Many are willing to go to great lengths to be considered as one of the “cool kids.” They may take part in negative or even dangerous behavior to gain popularity and acceptance among their … Read more