6 Amazing Cross Crafts You MUST TRY!

amazing cross crafts

What everyone loves about crafting is it lets anyone create unique gifts with the use of materials they have on-hand. Crafts encourage imagination and community engagement while creating something new! For your next event, why not create the most popular Christian symbol; the cross? For this article, you’re in for few cross crafts that are … Read more

Skit: Fake Believing vs Bible Reading

Skit for mens retreat

This is a unique men’s retreat skit created specifically to tell the story of how we must turn to the Bible in a humorous and relatable way. Do you sometimes feel like everything’s not working in your life, work or relationships? Do you just want to go out and forget the world for a while, … Read more

5 Main Elements of a Proper Welcome Packet

If you’re not using welcome packets, you should start now! Welcome packets are a great way to kick off any event and make your guests feel both comfortable and appreciated throughout their entire experience. However, it’s essential that these packets are not merely thrown together at the last minute, but are formed carefully and thoughtfully. … Read more