7 Cheap Penny Crafts

cheap penny crafts

Finding ideas to keep your household busy during holidays, vacation or even weekends can be mind-boggling at times. Especially when you really don’t have the means to provide them with fancy toys or even bring them to the mall for a day out. But, if we’ll think about it, there are tons of activities that …

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2 Easy DIY Angel Christmas Ornaments

diy angel christmas ornaments

Christmas is really in the air now. You can see a lot of people decorating their homes already with beautiful and colorful ornaments. I’m sure most of the houses you’ll visit these days are already filled with decorations and their Christmas tree adorned with different designs and sizes of ornaments. If you haven’t started decorating …

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Merry Christmitts Christmas Game

merry chistmitts christmas game

Christmas for most of us is the perfect time to spread generosity and sharing towards our neighbors, friends and of course to our family. This is why during these days, we usually hold family celebrations inviting everyone to have an amazing celebration that will be truly unforgettable. Every family has their different ways of celebrating …

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DIY Medal Style Name Tags

DIY Medal Style Name Tags

Every time we have a church gathering, youth activity or get together, name tags are one of the things that we don’t really spend time on planning. We often use pre-cut papers or masking tape to write our names on and just attach it on our clothes. But if you’ll think about it, name tags …

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