15 Things NOT To Do At Your Next Ladies Retreat – Are You Making These Mistakes?

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A Christian ladies retreat is the perfect time to socialize, connect, have fun, and grow with other women in your church or other Christian communities. Participants will learn a lot of Spiritual lessons from the speakers, courses, and activities offered by the retreat organizer.

ladies retreat mistakes

Christian ladies retreats are also a perfect way to re-connect with God and worship together with the other ladies in one mind and one accord. So, if you are the retreat organizer and do not want to spoil your next ladies retreat, consider avoiding this list of common ladies retreat mistakes.

15 Things NOT To Do At Your Next Ladies Retreat

  1. Do not forget to remind the participants that they cannot bring their kids with them to the retreat.
  2. Do not wait to the last minute to promote your ladies retreat event.
  3. Avoid inviting the key speakers at the last minute. Interview your prospective speakers months ahead of the retreat.
  4. Do not forget to give back to the participants by giving them freebies, door prizes or gift bags.
  5. Avoid talking to a few selected people only. Make sure that everybody is warmly welcomed by you and your staff.
  6. Agendas are nice but do not stick to an agenda at the expense of a great service or breakout moment.
  7. Do not sit in the same place twice for meals or messages.  Explore and make new friends!
  8. Do not forget to remind the participants to turn off or silence their cell phones during the seminar.
  9. Avoid expressing how frustrated you are at something in front of the participants.
  10. Do not forget to check the lighting, sound system, soundtracks and other stage organization for any mishap.
  11. Do not let stress get in the way while you are making sure that the seminar is going to end well.
  12. Neglect your participants’ special requests. For example, if the room is too cold or hot for comfort, make sure to set up the right temperature.
  13. Do not overdress yourself. Keep things relaxing as the retreat is not a gala party.
  14. Do not forget to check with your retreat facility to see what they recommend bringing.
  15. Do not be shy about giving your participants a few tips on what to bring and not for the ladies retreat.  Understand that some of the participants may be new to this kind of activity so it is safe to presume that they have no idea about what to do/bring.

A few extra tips to avoid common ladies retreat mistakes

Pray:  Of course you need to pray before any event to make sure your heart and mind are aligned with God’s Will for the event.

Plan:  This entire website is dedicated to helping you plan amazing retreats and camps.  If you need help getting started, try our free retreat planning checklist or “The Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide“.

Educate: Prayer and planning won’t do everything for you!  You should be prepared for many different spiritual situations that may arise at a retreat.  You may consider reading a Bible for women or devotional for women in the months leading up to your ladies event.

Keep this list going!

Have you fallen victim to any of these?  It’s okay, you are not alone! 

Join the conversation, and let us know what you would add to this list.