5 Fun Games with Hula Hoops – #4 IS MY FAVORITE!

games with hula hoops

Growing up, I’m sure we all played with the hula hoop and creating fun hula hoop games was a weekend tradition. Hula hoops have stood the test of time because they’re affordable, easy to find, and involve many games to solo or with your friends. Remember the “good old days” when you and you’re friends … Read more

10 Leather Crafts for Men

leather crafts for men

Do-It-Yourself projects are almost always going to be a favorite among men. This type of activity gives a guy a chance to showcase what they do best, work with their hands and show new skills that they’ve learned. DIY leather crafts for men give a man something they can take home with them after a … Read more

The Original Saran Wrap Ball Game

christmas saran wrap ball game

They say life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. True as it may be, every day we’re opening a new chapter with an unknown kind of surprise that we’ll be facing. Just like the game that we’ll be discussing today! Imagine a saran wrap ball game with … Read more

EASY Crayon Art for Holy Week

holy week crayon art featured

The Holy Week is fast approaching and it is best to prepare our hearts, mind, and soul again with the teachings of the Lord during this time. For some people, Holy Week feels like a dark and sad time, but it is actually a beautiful process that shows how God delivered us from all our … Read more

DIY Teacup Diorama for Ladies Easter Retreat

diy teacup diorama easter craft

Easter is just around the corner, and there will definitely be ladies retreats happening during this time to discuss God’s sacrifices and His coming back to life. A fun DIY Easter craft that the ladies can do during their retreat is a teacup diorama using succulents, cactus and small decorative pieces that the ladies can … Read more